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The Daintons in Beckington - Notes

Information very kindly contributed by Robert Dainton

Subject: Re: [Frome] John Caffell married Ann Pain 01 Aug 1743 Frome Selwood, Somerset, England Sarah Dainton was born and lived in Goose Street, Beckington, Somerset - that's why they were married in St George's Church, Beckington and not in Frome. Banns read out in both Beckington & Frome. Sarah was buried 3 April 1830, Beckington Baptist Chapel yard, Beckington, Somerset. Sarah's brother, Samuel Dainton, was a clothier (died 26 June 1839) and also was buried Beckington Baptist Chapel - monument on wall to him in Chapel. The Daintons in Beckington at this time were very involved in the wool cloth trade - I think that's how Benjamin got to know Sarah through this connection. Benjamin was a Card Maker, which is directly connected to the wool cloth trade. Sarah's father was in the wool trade as was his son Samuel, who was a Clothier.   As for Sarah. All the Daintons of this time period lived in Goose Street, where they were also born. They owned the property rather than renting it. They attended St George's Church in Church Street, but as the "new" Baptist movement got under way they shifted to this new belief. The first Chapel was in Goose Street - a private house actually. Some remained Baptist, but rest reverted back to CofE.

Owner/SourceRobert Dainton
Date18 September 2007
Linked toFamily: Dainton/Spincers (F370)

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