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Memories written by his daughter (living)

Inveraray Castle – Our holiday with Jack

When we told Dad (Jack) that Albi and I with friends (Elsie, Iris and Win) were planning a holiday in Scotland – he just took over – he was determined to come with us. The time was just after WW11. We did not have a car in those days.

It was an all night travel by train – arriving at 8 am at Glasgow – we were all ready for a hearty breakfast at the Station Hotel. Then onto the bus for Inveraray – Loch Fyne - the Bus Station.

The locals heard of “Jack Piggotts” coming and there was a hearty party to meet us and escort us to the local Hotel/Pub. They were all people of Jack´s age.

The first day after a hearty breakfast we wandered about Inveraray and the estate. Americans were stationed – billeted – at the castle and the gardens and lawns were in a terrible state of neglect – Jack was making excuses for the overgrowth.

We visited “Cherry Cottage” the home of John and Sarah Ann Piggott and their brood. We climbed “Duniquaiche” to get a view of the castle set in the valley – it was like looking at a “FairyTale Castle”.

We then spent days taking sandwiches to eat – Jack made a “billy can” and brewed us some tea, using water from a spring gushing water. Jack showed us where they liked to fish for Salmon – I don’t remember us catching anything – we climbed and walked for miles.

I remember we went to “Lock Awe Hotel” – everywhere was carpeted in the Campbell tartan – “We had never seen the like – its magnificence”

We had two weeks of fine warm weather, long days, beautiful sun-set skies. It was wonderful!

One day we met the ´Duke´ (I don’t remember his name) (NB: Niall Diarmid 10th Duke of Argyll 1872 – 1949) - “Hello Piggott I heard you were here” they shook hands and chatted like old friends. It ended by the Duke inviting us “ to tea”. “You must come to tea with your family”

An appointment was made – we dressed with care and presented ourselves at the front door of the castle and rang the bell. The manservant (the only one) - we were all surprised - he looked rather scruffy, unshaven and no collar or tie. We were taken to a magnificent room with a collection of swords and daggers in a design on the wall and ceiling, also of the Wars of Scotland.

The Duke was awaiting our arrival, dressed in the tartan kilt of the Campbell Clan and a jacket. We were taken on a tour of the castle, which was mostly closed and covered in dust sheets.

The Duke and Piggott went on ahead chatting about the old days, whilst we lingered on behind, browsing over some old treasure, until we got to the bedrooms. Some had four poster beds and one room – the bridal suite had a 4 step ladder either side of this massive four poster bed. We tried to contain ourselves and had difficulty stopping our giggles – until we heard the Duke´s voice. “You remember my Aunt Fanny” and Jack´s reply “Oh yes” quite well Your Grace”

I cant remember any tea being served – and so ended a memorable holiday.

When our holiday came to an end – all of Piggott´s friends came to the Loch Fyne Bus Station – including the Duke of Argyll to shake hands with us and to see the bus off.

We heard some time later of his death – I think he was a lonely old man.

He never married – no heir to take over *** – we heard a cousin was in line for the title – who married the beautiful debutante Hon: Margaret Sweeney – I saw an account in “The Tatler”

*** Ian Douglas, 11th Duke of Argyll 1903 - 1973

Linked toJohn Barron Piggott

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