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These are my notes made during my search for Francisī parents and my findings and conclusions.

Francis Lapham married Sophia Bennett b: 1850 in Frome. Sophia was the sister of my gt.grandfather Charles Bennett b: 1847 in Frome

I can only find a birth for a Thomas Lapham b: 1849 in Frome (possibly him)

On an 1851 census I found him with his mother as boarders.

Mary Snelgrove 1778 Head and widow
Elizabeth Griest 1832 Daughter and widow
Jane Tucker 1783 Boarder and unmarried
Ann Lapham 1829 Boarder
Frances Lapham 1849 Son ********

Address: Witton Lane, Frome

On an 1851 census I found a Thomas Lapham born 1829 with his parents and siblings. All will be revealed later.

Samuel Lapham 1807 Father
Leah Lapham 1808 Wife
Thomas Lapham 1829 Son ********
Sarah Lapham 1831 Daughter
Thirzah Lapham 1834 Daughter
Samuel Lapham 1836 Son
Leah Lapham 1837 Daughter
William Lapham 1850 Son

Address: High Street, St Peters, Frome

NB: Son Charles not living with them

On an 1861 census I found Frances living with his Aunt and Uncle - Charles and Emma Lapham. NB: Charles is the brother of Thomas Lapham and their parents were Samuel and Leah- see previous census.

Charles Lapham 1826 Head
Emma Lapham 1831 Wife
Frank Lapham 1850 Nephew *********
Samuel Lapham 1860 Son
Hannah Shephard 1829 Visitor (probably Emmaīs sister)

Address: St George in the East, Middlesex

On an 1861 census I found Thomas Lapham living with his wife and children

Thomas Lapham 1829 Head
Anne Lapham 1830 Wife
Agnes Lapham 1853 Daughter
Mary Lucy Lapham 1855 Daughter
Albin Lapham 1858 Son
Samuel Jos Lapham 1860 Son

Address: Brandy Lane, Frome

I can find only one marriage for Thomas Francis Lapham and that is in 1849 in Frome.
However, the records did not show the name of his Spouse. I have contacted the Vicar
Of St Johns, in Frome requesting his help.


I think that Ann/Anne had either given birth or was expecting him before the marriage to Thomas in 1849 and in those days that was considered a sacrilege and therefore some sort of stigma was attached to Frances the child. As it seems Frances never lived with his father Thomas this may have been due to Samuel and Leah not accepting him as a grandchild.

I note that Thomas and Annīs next child was born in 1853 so sometime in 1852 they must have set up home together and possibly Frances was shipped off to his Uncle and Aunts although I don’t think they married until 1858, so where was Frances between 1852 and

SOURCES The above dates and information are taken from Ancestry and Freebmd and I trust that they are as accurate as possible.

Jacqueline Essex jacquei.essex@gmail.com


Information received from Bill Oxford on 25 Aug 2006

Just a note to say I received documents from Eng. today as follows:
1. Marriage of Thomas Francis Lapham / Ann White, 13 July, 1849@ Zion Chapel, Frome (GRO-1849, Sept, Frome, V-10, Pa-573)

2. Birth of Francis Thomas Lapham 13 Aug, 1849(oops, 30 day gestation period), Father Thomas Lapham, Mother Ann Lapham, formally White, (GRO- 1849, Sept, Frome, V-10, Pa-358) Note: On the certificate just "Thomas" is given for the newborn's name, not "Francis Thomas".

3. Marriage of Francis Thomas Lapham / Sophia Bennett, Dec 24th, 1868, @Trinity Church, Frome, (GRO 1868, Dec, Frome, V-5c, Pa-83

Linked toFrancis Thomas Lapham

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