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Enfield, Middlesex



Matches 1 to 43 of 43

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Brookman, Albert Robert  1871Enfield, Middlesex I0157
2 Brookman, Alice E E  1877Enfield, Middlesex I0167
3 Brookman, Baden Dick  27 Mar 1900Enfield, Middlesex I0057
4 Brookman, Blanche  1888Enfield, Middlesex I0055
5 Brookman, Blanche M  1870Enfield, Middlesex I0067
6 Brookman, Charles   I0177
7 Brookman, Clara M  1872Enfield, Middlesex I0165
8 Brookman, Dennis H  1868Enfield, Middlesex I0066
9 Brookman, Dick  1863Enfield, Middlesex I0052
10 Brookman, Edward Albert   I0058
11 Brookman, Elsie   I0175
12 Brookman, Emma C  1860Enfield, Middlesex I0068
13 Brookman, Ethel  1891Enfield, Middlesex I0172
14 Brookman, Fred  1866Enfield, Middlesex I0065
15 Brookman, Frederick J  1892Enfield, Middlesex I0342
16 Brookman, Henry H   I0056
17 Brookman, Jack  1893Enfield, Middlesex I0173
18 Brookman, James   I0176
19 Brookman, Lavinia E  1875Enfield, Middlesex I0166
20 Brookman, Leonard  1886Enfield, Middlesex I0054
21 Brookman, Maude  1873Enfield, Middlesex I0158
22 Brookman, Phoebe  1890Enfield, Middlesex I0170
23 Brookman, Richard  1885Enfield, Middlesex I0169
24 Brookman, Violet  1896Enfield, Middlesex I0174
25 Brookman, Wallace H  1881Enfield, Middlesex I0168
26 Goostree, Daniel  1831Enfield, Middlesex I2053
27 Goostree, Edith  1856Enfield, Middlesex I2046
28 Guiver, Eliza  1853Enfield, Middlesex I2976
29 Guiver, George  25 Jun 1820Enfield, Middlesex I2985
30 Guiver, George  1848Enfield, Middlesex I2988
31 Guiver, Henry  1860Enfield, Middlesex I2990
32 Guiver, James  1858Enfield, Middlesex I2989
33 Huckle, Annie  1846Enfield, Middlesex I2044
34 Huckle, Henry  1818Enfield, Middlesex I0154
35 Huckle, Henry  1856Enfield, Middlesex I2045
36 Negus, Amy  1900Enfield, Middlesex I2063
37 Negus, Blanche  1893Enfield, Middlesex I2060
38 Negus, Emily  1897Enfield, Middlesex I2061
39 Negus, Lily  1899Enfield, Middlesex I2062
40 Pilling, James  1859Enfield, Middlesex I0346
41 Pilling, Mary Ann  1863Enfield, Middlesex I0341
42 Want, Emma  1890Enfield, Middlesex I0180
43 Want, Sydney  1885Enfield, Middlesex I0179


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Brookman, Richard  1900Enfield, Middlesex I0059
2 Huckle, Emma  1896Enfield, Middlesex I0153


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Bennett / Piggott   F455
2 Brookman / Huckle  1869Enfield, Middlesex F041