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Standerwick, Somerset



Matches 1 to 27 of 27

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bennett, Alfred  1839Standerwick, Somerset I1693
2 Bennett, Ann  1844Standerwick, Somerset I1700
3 Bennett, Charlotte  1834Standerwick, Somerset I1691
4 Bennett, Harriet  1843Standerwick, Somerset I1699
5 Bennett, Mary  1846Standerwick, Somerset I1701
6 Bennett, Thomas  1811Standerwick, Somerset I1689
7 Bennett, Thomas  1841Standerwick, Somerset I1698
8 Eames, Charlotte  1830Standerwick, Somerset I1687
9 Eames, Eliza  1811Standerwick, Somerset I1612
10 Eames, Emma  1849Standerwick, Somerset I1697
11 Eames, Forchead  1834Standerwick, Somerset I1688
12 Eames, Henry  1840Standerwick, Somerset I1696
13 Eames, Jabez  1836Standerwick, Somerset I1694
14 Eames, Lydia  1829Standerwick, Somerset I1686
15 Eames, Sarah  1832Standerwick, Somerset I1605
16 Eames, William  1811Standerwick, Somerset I1611
17 Eames, William  1837Standerwick, Somerset I1695
18 Harriet,  1818Standerwick, Somerset I1690
19 Pickford, Clement  1828Standerwick, Somerset I1000
20 Pickford, George  1854Standerwick, Somerset I1606
21 Pickford, Jabez  1861Standerwick, Somerset I1608
22 Pickford, Jethro  1857Standerwick, Somerset I1607
23 Pickford, Job  1871Standerwick, Somerset I0491
24 Pickford, Joseph  1826Standerwick, Somerset I1685
25 Pickford, Mary  1826Standerwick, Somerset I1684
26 Pickford, Samuel  1821Standerwick, Somerset I1682
27 Pickford, William  1826Standerwick, Somerset I1683